Dear Anglo FB Friends

Message d’Urbania: Nous avons vu passer ce message sur Facebook et nous avons contacté son auteure pour lui offrir de le partager sur notre blogue. Son message va comme suit…

As an Anglophone, primarily, I am APPALED by the amount of HATE I have been seeing these past few weeks. I’ve actually seen people say THEY ARE SAD that Pauline Marois was not assassinated tonight.

Let me inform your West Island brain; you live in an Anglophone community, you WILL NOT be evacuated in the next few weeks. The West Island will remain as it is because Politics do not work that way.

IT IS A MINORITY GOVERNMENT MEANING they need people to agree with them AND besides, what will really change in your little anglo world? Bigger writing in French for “CENTRE COMMERCIAL FAIRVIEW”?

If you cared at all about the political life of your province you would see that in the past few years QUEBEC has voted more and more for progressive/leftist parties, MEANING: Social housings, women`s rights, taxation of large companies, generic (cheaper) prescription drugs and more rights for the poor. WE ARE QUEBEC. You were BORN/CHOSE TO LIVE HERE and are very  lucky to live in the most progressive province in Canada.

But guess what? Canada has not helped you in any way. Stephen Harper is a fucking asshole that will fuck you over and over again in the name of profit. Be mad at your parents and your adult selves for not choosing to learn the French language in a French province. HOW IS THIS NEW?!?! This has been a
FRENCH province for YEARS. Now YOU as an ADULT will perhaps realize that in order to live somewhere where the primary language is French YOU SHOULD LEARN IT. It is a dying language in Canada and your inability to understand why francophone want to preserve it IS RACIST.

Think of the change we can demonstrate to the world by letting go of our NEO-LIBERAL leaders. Sure I did not vote for the PQ but I am in every way a separatist because no matter how “BEAUTIFUL” Canada is, borders are imaginary and as long as one of them is willing to understand how FUCKED UP this country is, I will support its separation hoping for a LEFTIST party that will truly make an example of true human right.


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